The History of B.J. Wentker's

B.J. Wentker's offers dining experiences that will tantalize your taste buds with contemporary cuisine by Award winning Executive Chef Karl Ernst, dazzle your eyes with a uniquely historic atmosphere, and soothe your ears with live music performed on Wednesday evenings.

The history of B.J. Wentker's steps back in time to 120+ years ago.  A jovial fellow by the name of Bernard J. Wentker, a German immigrant, had a vision to create an elegant establishment where townsfolk could partake of the finest wines, beer, liquors and food available.  In pursuit of this passion, Wentker left his job of eight years with the Finke-Uhen Brewery and purchased the hillside triangle tavern in June, 1894.  In the year of 1908 he demolished the wooden structure and constructed the current brick building, which included luxuries of the times - steam heat and electric lighting.  The Grand Opening on November 7, 1908, revealed an elaborate mahogany bar and matching cabinetry that were ordered from the Chicago World's Fair (only one of three ever made my Brunswick).  Lofty tin ceilings, wood wainscoting, tiled walls and ornate floor tiles were other extravagant details that are still original to the building today.  

B.J. Wentker's has been owned and operated as a tavern and restaurant since 1908, though it was briefly disguised as an ice cream parlor during prohibition! We continue in the pursuit of Mr. Wentker's passion - to provide our patrons an exceptional experience in a unique atmosphere where they may enjoy the finest wines, beer, liquors and cuisine available.